The history of the workshop

One pen at a time, one day at a time...

Artisan turner, I turn to fight my anxiety. When I was 30, I received an old wood lathe as a gift.

I did my classes on this one and started with small wood projects. I learn by myself and gradually, I specialize in the creation of pens and nibs. I also create seam ripper, knitting hooks, hand razors and many other turned utilitarian objects.

I also offer funeral bowls and urns for pets or simply to hold treasured keepsakes.

Sustainable products

My mission is simple, eliminate disposable pens and offer you a unique, refillable and elegant product that is part of a line of sustainable ecological products.

All my creations are handmade. I strive to work with Canadian craftsmen and I use local woods, but also ethically harvested exotic woods.

I choose my materials for their exceptional physical properties: color, firmness and longevity, I sometimes offer creations in bog oak carbon dated at 4500 years.

I mainly work with wood, but to give my works unique colors and patterns, I also use acrylic resin. The history of the workshop